About the Israeli Bagrut

הירשמו כאן לקורס שפה בחו״ל
Te'udat Bagrut is the official Israeli matriculation certificate to graduation from high school. The Bagrut certificate is awarded to students who pass the required examinations with a passing mark 56% or higher in each exam.

Bagrut grades are built as an avarage of scores in all compulsory and elective subjects taking into consideration the level of exams.

In Israel the level is marked as units, usually 1-5 in the compulsory subjects, but can get up to 6 units in some of the elective ones (mainly in electronics and allied subjects).

Study units levels ranging from 1 to 5 units, calculated by the number of class hours devoted to the subject. In most subjects, students may choose the number of units in which they are tested. Level of difficulty is expressed as "units of study", from 1 (least difficult) to 5 (most difficult).

•           Mathematics (3-5 units)
•           English written and oral (3-5 units)
•           Grammar (2 units)
•           Citizenship (2 units)
•           History (2 or 5 units)
•           Literature (2 or 5 units)
•           Bible Studies or the Scriptures of Christianity or Islam, in the 
            relevant sectors of the population (2 or 5 units)
•           At least one elective, such as Geography, Physics, Chemistry,
            Biology, Computer Science, Arabic, French, Social sciences 
In order to receive a "full" matriculation certificate, the student must take and pass at least one subject matter exam at the 5-unit level of difficulty and earn a total of at least 21 combined study units in all Bagrut exams taken and 27 units if taking into consideration the internal subjects studied.

Calculating final Bagrut mark:

in order to calculate the final Bagrut GPA you need to multiply the final grade of each subject by the number of units add them all and divide by the total number of Units
for example:  Bible: 3 units – mark: 90 = 3*90 = 270
Hebrew: 4 Units – mark 75 = 4*75 = 300
Total score: 270+300 = 570 / 7 (3+4 units) = 81.4

The Bonus System considered by Israeli Universities:

The "optimal avarage" (The bonus system) is an algorithm developed by the Israeli Universities, in order to take into consideration the difference between those students who studies a subject in an higher level, (equivalent to A level and O level). in most Universities the algorithm is similar with minor changes.

How to calculate the Optimal avarage: 

To each mark taken in 4 units add 10 points bonus to the final mark
(in English and Math add 12.5 points to the final mark)

to each mark taken in 5 units add 20 points bonus to the final mark
(in English and Math add 25 points to the final mark)
For example:  
Math: 4 units – mark: 90 (becoming 102.5) = 4*102.5 = 410
English: 5 Units – mark 75 (becoming 100) = 5*100 = 500
Total score: 410+500 = 910 / 9 (4+5 units) = 101.11

Final Bagrut scores calculated by Universities in Israel can pass the 100

Comparison table between Bagrut marks to the British and Canadian Systems:

Bagrut  Equivalent to Canadian A Level System 
95-100 AA or A+ Excellent A+
89-94 A very good A
75-84 B good A-
65-74 C almost good B
55-64 D sufficient C
45-54 E barely sufficient / failed D
44 or less D-F insufficient/failed F - D

German equivalent to Israeli Bagust 

Remarks Germany Israel
  1.0 97-100
minimum to get into medicine in Germany
1.3 91-96
  1.7 86-90
  2 81-85
  2.3 74-80
the minimum avarage that allows students
to gey into German university 
2.7 69-73
  3 64-68
  3.3 57-63
  3.7 55-56
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